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NJM Wood Machinery are based in the London area servicing South East England. We have connections that work not only country wide but world wide!

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    NJM Wood Machinery offer consultancy when we supply machines in the main as part of our service. We explore the requirements and possibilities with the client to purchase the very best machine for the application.

    In these recent years where a lack of skilled labour is creating issues for manufacturers each machine needs advantageous features that will ultimately benefit the client and justify the expenditure.

    Individual and separate consultancy work at an agreed cost can be undertaken.

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    The NEW demonstration facilities at Michael Weinig UK Ltd give the facility to see a large range of New machines. Standard machines such as Cube and more specialist models can be seen by appointment. We will be offering “Special Open Days” on different subjects – information will be available soon.

    We also offer Individual demonstrations and “Buddy trips” to see the new technology in both Germany and Italy.

  • Supply Of Machine

    Our aim is to offer a complete range of machinery that will reduce set up times, increase work-flow and reduce the working hours. We supply machines from the following Manufacturing Partners.

    • Michael Weinig Group of Companies
    • Hofmann Classical Machines
    • EMC Wide Belt Sanding Solutions
    • Vertongen Tenon Range
    • Casolin Classical and Saw Benches
    • Stegherr Window Solutions
    • Friulmac Double End Tenon
    • Eder & Muller Window
    • Ultrasonic Tool Cleaning
    • Tooling Conventional and specialist

    Our range of high quality machines include:

    • Glazing Bar Halving Joint and End Scribing machines.
    • Through Feed Mitring saws.
    • Single End Tenon
    • CNC Routers and Borers
    • Sliding Table Panel Saws,
    • Thicknessers and Planers,
    • Spindle Moulders, manual and automatic with fixed or tilting spindles and hydraulic quick release.
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Frame Cramps,
    • Heavy Duty Saw Benches
    • Ultrasonic Tool Cleaners, etc.
    • Through Feed Planers and Moulders,
    • Cross Cutting Machine
    • Ripping Solutions – Resaw / Multi rip / Flexi-Rip
    • After-sale service
    • Tooling
    • Solid Timber & MDF Wood Processing
    • Sanding Solutions - Calibrating Veneer Finishing De-nibbing.
    • Installation-1---Hi-ab-delivery---unloaded-and-removing-pallet
    • Installation-2---Hi-ab-delivery---near-as-the-doorway-as-possible
    • Installation-3---Positioning-with-skids-as-requested---feet-attached


    Dependent on the requirements of the client we can offer “supply only” or “installation”. Supply only we generally deliver to the required address on a flat vehicle. It is the client’s responsibility to organise the unloading and positioning complete with all services.

    Installation comprises of the supply the machine, delivery on hi-ab and positioning on skates, pallet truck or forklift.

    It is the client's responsibility for final connection to the correct dust extraction, electrical and pneumatic supplies.

    • Tooling---Conventional-Moulder-Tooling
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    • Tooling---Window-stack-tenon


    NJM offer a range of tooling however we can also arrange tooling consultation by specialist manufacturers.

    • -Commissioning-and-Training
    • -Commissioning---Profile-Grinding-Training
    • -Commissioning-and-Training

    Our engineer can commission the machine i.e. ensure that the machine is level and test that it is running correctly.

    On completion, the engineer will run through the basic operation with the machinist. More comprehensive technical and safety training can be offered at an additional charge.

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    It is so important to keep a machine running in top condition. This is a must to get the best yield not only from the machine but also from the operator. We offer a “preventative” breakdown and maintenance schedule as requested by the manufacturer to get the best from the best!

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