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About Us


As the Sales representative in the South East of England for Michael Weinig and other leading machinery manufacturers Andrew uses the knowledge gained from over 37 years in the timber trade to work with clients to ascertain their needs and create complete solutions.

Being a qualified wood machinist and trained in the machines we offer is a great benefit in giving the correct advice and getting the best yield from the machinery we supply. In the past we have helped companies evolve, assisting in layouts and justification so that processing is simplified and profits are optimised.

Andrew started as a wood working machine apprentice back in 1979 where he passed the City & Guilds standard and advanced grades. (Which provided a good grounding in a wide range of wood machines.) His experience and knowledge has continued to grow over the last 30 years whilst working with the Weinig Group of Companies.

Working together in partnership NJM & Weinig offer a complete range of “Solid timber machinery” across Hertfordshire, London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

NJM also offer various other machinery direct from European manufacturers resulting in a comprehensive range of machines. These include;

Michael Weinig Group of Companies, (Planer Moulders, The Cube 4 Sider, Optimising Cross Cut and Ripping Solutions, Finger Jointing Machines, CNC Machine Centres), Hofmann classical machines, EMC (Wide Belt Sanders), Casolin (Panel Saws classical machines and Frame Presses), Friulmac (Double End Tenons), Stegherr (Window Solutions), Vertongen (Tenoners).


I feel that my job is to explore the possibilities within a company to offer the correct machinery to improve and manage production ensuring maximum profit.

Just like the Acorn to the Oak Tree – from simple beginnings in woodwork at school to a specialist in the machinery workshop. The experienced gained from previous companies as a wood machinist (Mclaughlin & Harvey/ Dove Bell / Associated Joinery) will never be forgotten. Every day these skills are used and honed practically, understanding the perspective of the machine hand and the buyer to ensure we offer the correct machine for the right application, making the investment earn its keep!

Due to their continued research and development into new machinery and techniques to improve the future of our industry, Michael Weinig became the world leaders in the manufacture of solid timber woodworking machinery. Together we have hundreds of installations in South East England from the smaller clients to the larger moulder systems.

Via email, phone or in person we are always ready to listen to a clients needs and advise accordingly, remember “Never stop learning”.