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Kundig Master – Wide belt sander

Kundig Master – Wide belt sander

Sanding Faces – Calibrating solid or base board, finish sanding of solid timber frames and veneers, denibbing lacquer in one or multiple passes.

    • Sanding size: Extremely large sanding size considering the overall machine dimension. 
    • Touch screen: Effortless touchscreen control for all adjustments. 
    • Constant Pass Line: Top moving heads, the raising and lowering of the sanding units enable thicknessing of product. 
    • Health & Safety: Superb health and safety features
    • Single Button Startup: Single-button start-up and highly efficient motors. 
    • Sanding weight: Heavy board can be sanded One dust extraction port and specially designed cutter block hoods. 
    Heavy duty: Heavy-duty steel framed body.

2 or 3 units / 1350mm wide x 200mm max deep / 15 x 8mm min  / 2m straightening table / Touch screen for auto setting / throwaway tip knives on standard Weinig tooling.

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