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Kundig Master – Wide belt sander

Sanding individual Faces – Calibrating solid, doors or base board, finish sanding of solid timber frames and veneers, denibbing lacquer in one or multiple passes.

  • Sanding size: Extremely large sanding size considering the overall machine dimension. 
  • Touch screen: Effortless touchscreen control for all adjustments. 
  • Enormatic: Fully automatic quick setting and feed release.
  • Constant Pass Line: Top moving heads, the raising and lowering of the sanding units enable thicknessing of the product. With infeed and outfeed tables if required at a constant level. 
  • Health & Safety: Superb health and safety features.
  • Single Button Startup: Single-button cascade start-up and highly efficient motors. 
  • Sanding weight: Heavy board can be sanded due to the fixed table.
  • Heavy duty: Heavy-duty steel framed body

Adjustment: Electric compensation of the abrasive belt grain thickness.

2 or 3 units / 1350mm wide x 200mm max deep. / 3-15m per minute feed speed  / 1350x2000mm sanding belt dimension /  The superb Enormatic setting system / Touch screen technology assists the operator / 18.5kw single motor / electronic compensation for the belt grit..


A highly recommended sanding machine that is backed up and serviced by Kundig UK Ltd. Designed for smaller and larger manufacturers requiring finishing sanding and/or calibrating.

Unique Selling Points, in standard the Master is top moving, and the controller is extremely simple, a novice operator will produce highly efficient results. Extremely safe for low-skilled users. The design of this machine fulfills most sanding needs. The Kundig Master is used in all types of timber and board industries where finishing is essential.

The Kundig Master is new for NJM in 2024. We were looking for a Cube-like sander, a simple machine to set that could produce a superb finish. After talking with Kundig AG and Kundig UK Ltd it was decided that NJM would sell the complete range of Kundig sanding machines that are ideally suited for both small and large manufacturers. Kundig UK Ltd will be backing the machine up with spare parts and service directly to the client. This is the perfect machine for NJM going forward.


  • Speed: Well over 10 times faster than manual sanding and a superior flat finish. 
  • Economic: In addition to saving power with the cascade start-up and efficient extraction, these are just a small part of the Kundig Master justification. 
  • Ease of use: 
    • Productivity: Changing size in seconds increases productivity and yet is so simple. 
    • Quick startup: The Kundig Master is in action after just minutes of training. 
    • Efficient: Fewer errors when sanding, advising the operator of the stock removal, and the belt usage to get increased life from the sanding belts. 
    • Small learning curve: Operators can train lower-skilled workers to get more productive employees. 
    • Space saving: Getting the best production from the available space.

User safety: Emergency cut-off bar at the front and emergency stop buttons to the rear if required.

Available options

Increased power / outfeed table and infeed tables available / Increased power / Electronic segmented pad and adjustable abrasive belt speeds / Vacuum bed.

Come and see for yourself the benefits of a Kundig Master at Kundig UK Ltd. 

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