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Make Money while Crosscutting for Furniture, Windows and Joinery!

In today’s modern workshops most companies are still reliant on a crosscut saw design that has been in use since machinery began to turn. Either a Radial Arm or a heavy duty crosscut saw that rely on the man pulling the saw over the timber with the dangers that brings. The Health and Safety executive must wonder why this machine is still being used in the 21st Century.

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Buddy Trip Weinig AG - Germany

I can't believe it's 15 years since we did our first “buddy trip”. The idea from my colleague Steve Cracknell and myself was take small group of clients to Michael Weinig AG in a chilled and relaxed manner. No hard sell, have a brief overview of the Weinig range of machines and see what happens. The relaxed manner is the same today.

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The success of The Cube

It's been an amazing journey, the Cube 4 side planer from Weinig.  Over the last few years the Cube really has become the bestselling four side planer in the market. Preparing Timber mainly in the Midlands to the South in the UK from one-man Joinery and Furniture workshops through to large Timber Planing Mills, there is never far to go to see a Cube.

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